My Beginning of the End

So almost everyone’s first post is about how they started yoga. And if you think this post is going to be different, you are wrong. Sorry to disappoint! 

I personally think it’s important to share how one got into yoga. Everyone has a different story and each story is beautiful in their own ways. What’s mine?

My first yoga lesson was eight years ago, and it was one of the classes provided by my gym then. I know I know, why did I take a yoga lesson (If I recall, it’s Yin yoga) in a gym? Beats me too. Anyways, that session was so boring and I nearly fell asleep 15 mins in. And I told myself yoga is not for me. 

True enough, I did not step into a yoga lesson for three years. Until in 2014, my friend, Nerissa, asked if I was interested in yoga. As you can imagine, I was reluctant at first. But after much persuasion, I caved and went for a trial class, thinking I won’t be interested and I will yet again fall asleep. Little do I know, that class changed my perception of yoga. It was such an invigorating session. As flexible as I thought I was (clearly I was not and very ignorant then), I was ‘defeated’ by the poses. I saw some of the regular practitioners who did it with such poise and grace. I was in awe and it was an eye opener. Naturally, both Nerissa and I signed up with the yoga studio and went for classes regularly. But as much as I was enjoying yoga, I felt that something was missing. Something just did not click but I did not know what it was. Sadly, I decided to quit yoga.

During the three years I stopped yoga, somehow I miss it. There is just something about it – the energy, the poses. So after much deliberation, I decided to join a yoga studio. I started to practice yoga again. I am not going to lie, it was tough in the beginning. My body was stiff and it aches after each session. But as sessions go by, I began to fall in love with yoga. This time round, one way or another, I understood yoga better. It’s not only about the poses but the beauty of the union of the breath and movement. It made me want to learn and understand the meaning of yoga (Yoga and me clicked this time. Hooray!). What really is yoga? The thirst for wanting to know more grew. At the same time, Nerissa (who else) asked if I was interested to join YTT at Tirisula. So here I am writing this post, enjoying every moment of it. As they say… The rest is history.

Time for another story another time. 

Shine on.