Music for Yoga

Music is not a “must” in yoga practice, but I think it is a bonus factor, especially for meditation and restorative classes. Here I would like to share some good music for yoga practice, which may help you to better prepare for classes.

  1. Bandari

I can’t wait to release number 1 on my list – Bandari

Bandari is not a singer or band’s name but a music project instead. Bandari set up in 1990 in Switherland by a team of talented young musicians.

The specialty about this project is that they don’t use synthetic music, all the sound comes from the nature.  For example, the sound of the waterfalls does not been made in the studio, but collect from the nature directly. In order to get these sound, the producers need to walk deep into the jungles, climb up mountains and even sleep in the wild.

They are familiar with every migratory bids’ different seasonal habits and flight paths. Sometimes they have to sleep in the forest or mountain for months, in order to get the natural sound they want. Because all these efforts, I think Bandari’s music is all about purity and the origin of the life.


  1. Deva Premal

Deva was born in a German musician family and began her musical journey even in her mother’s womb. She was accepted training in piano, violin and vocal exercises in the early ages.

Deva started a special music meditation program called Satsang, where the audience just close the eyes and accept the music, no need any applauds or look at the performers.

Although born in Europe, Deva travels around the world and she like the culture and language of Asia. Many of her music has the “Gayatri Mantra” factor.

I can’t understand the language of her music, but feel very spiritual when I listening her song. My heat is full of the peace.



  1. Krishna Das

Mr Krishna Das was born in America, and was attracted by the classic Indian yoga when young, so he followed the heart and started his yoga and meditation study in India in 1970. During those years, he visited lots of spiritual saints and masters to seek for the soul’s openness and purity.  He stayed in different temples to absorb the truths in the Indian’s thousand-long history.

He not only inherits but also changes the tradition into the new age Indian kirtan-style devotional music

These days, he still travels around the world giving performances and teaching.


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