Muscle Ache

Muscle Ache is common for everyone especially for those who have not been exercising regularly after a session of yoga practice or workout.
It happens to everyone including the regulars and fitness athletes as well. So there is no excuse that you should stop your practice or exercising if you are aching.
The common causes are:  1> Injury or trauma, (extreme case) and most commonly 2> overuse of the muscle (using a muscle too much especially on muscle group that are not use regularly).
So how do we relieve the ache? Here are some ways for me relieving ache:
1>   Stretch
It’s important to stretch before exercise and equally important to stretch after exercise as it helps to the muscle to recover faster. Gently stretch on the sore muscle and you will feel the relive.
2>   Turmeric
Turmeric helps to reduce the inflammation at the muscle thus you won’t feel the sensation as much. Simply add some turmeric powder in your drinking water and gulp it down. Or as a nightcap, warm some milk and add in turmeric and cinnamon for a nice comforting drink.
3>   Tennis Ball
Rather than paying $$$ for a massage, we can simply massage ourself using a tennis ball. Place the tennis ball over the area and rub it over. If it’s your back or leg area, place the tennis ball and roll over it while you are watching TV. If you have a roller at home, that is even easier as you control the roller better than the tennis ball.
4>   Parnayama 
Sit cross-legged with your body up-right and with your eyes closed. Concentrate in your breathing (use Ujjayi Breath for beginner). Focus on the area that is aching and think that every inhalation your take, you are bringing nutrients to the muscle for it to recover. Every exhalation, you are bringing the ache and pain away for it and out of your body.
Try it and you will feel better instantly and even better tomorrow.
By AstonC

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