Muladhara Chakra

The Chakras are positioned along length of the spine and represent levels toward enlightment of the soul. The word Chakra can be translated to mean the Esoteric Energy Centre, so when we discuss the Chakras of the body we are discussing an enigmatic occurrence within our body and soul. The Muladhara Chakra is positioned at the base of the spine on the Coccyx, and therefore is the root Chakra. Muladhara is represented by Earth, in a way we can consider how we have all originated from the Earth and need Earth and the minerals provided by nature to give us life.


As the Base or Root, the vibrations relate to the Base elements within each of us. The essential needs for security and warmth, food (nourishment), water and procreation lay at the base of every action and thought we experience. They drive us in everything we do and can motivate us through our need to survive.


It is said that the path to enlightenment cannot begin until the awareness of this Chakra has been realised. All Chakras revolve around the spine at their location on a vertical axis and, like a few of the Chakras, Muladhara is able to rotate slowly in two directions; clockwise and anti-clockwise. When a Chakra rotates anti-clockwise it is due to an imbalance in the misuse of energy, motivations and attitudes from Muladhara. To know if you are working from Muladhara, shout within your head “Do I need this?” if the answer is no, then leave the urge or desire and be content with your decision.


In certain circumstances I believe the body and soul will conspire to begin the journey to realigning your Energy Centre without conscious recognition or intention. If the body is put in to stress to an extent where the existence of the soul within this body appears not to be viable long term, it is my idea that the soul will activate the awareness of the mind to the strain in Muladhara.


For my example I would like to highlight the incredible ability of the body to repair itself and recover from life-threatening diseases and illnesses. If the body experiences near death physical strain, and acknowledges its’ own ability to heal and grow in strength, it will recognise the importance of secure living, appropriate nourishment and appreciate the beauty of procreation. This amazing gift is found in those who have existed for an extended period without satisfying the need to balance Muladhara. When the conscious experiences the necessity to fulfil the base elements of Muladhara, they are able to correct the revolution through satisfying only their base needs with basic provisions.


To stimulate your Muladhara you can begin with crossed legs, sitting straight backed and chin parallel to the floor. Back of the hands rest on the knees and thumb meets forefinger of each had in Chin Mudra. Bandha your pelvic floor muscles to activate the Muladhara and chant Lam (l-ah-mng) deeply in an extended way, as you would Om. The Bija root sound with physical activation will bring awareness to the Chakra and assist to focus energy to rotate in a positive way and send energy up the spine.

 The important thing to note about the Muladhara Chakra is that in order to balance the higher Chakras, this first needs to be balanced and rotating in a clockwise direction.

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