Mula Bandha & Uddiyana Bandha

As we all know, Mula Bandha & Uddiyana Bandhas are extremely important in yoga asana practices. They help lift the energy up from the root, so that your body does not weigh you down. It makes you lighter in your poses.

Also, Mula Bandha helps strengthen the pelvic region & genital system; and Uddiyana Bandha helps in the execution of Nauli Kriya, which detoxifies your body, helping in constipation & indigestion. In itself, Uddiyana Bandha helps to strengthen abdominal muscles as well. 
Learning how to engage these 2 bandhas is no easy feat. I was blessed enough to learn from one teacher, who gave the most precise, clear & systematic instructions. It took me months & months of practice every other day even when i’m off the mat, to finally engage them properly instead of simply “sucking in the belly”. It is an ongoing process of reminding myself to engage them, it doesn’t come naturally at this point.
These are by far the most satisfying of progress so far in my short few years of practice. It has since unlocked a better understanding & practice of transitioning between poses. These, I think, should probably be one of the first things that new students should be exposed to. That said, it’s massively difficult to teach something that is largely unseen by the naked eye.
So kudos to those who strive to teach these to students – the inspiration they give is tremendous.
200hr YTT (Weekend)

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