Keep Moving Forward

Joining the 200hrs yoga teacher training I felt it’s a just a little step on my yoga journey, but my friends, my colleagues don’t really understand that. They thought that I would be a master after the training course, which really put me to give several explanations to them.

Something that would happen would happen. I know that I’m trying to dedicating myself on the right track by engaging myself in daily practice not only the Asana but Pranayama practice as well, self-improvement not only the physical but also the mental and spiritual. 

And I know yoga journey is a very long and difficult way to go. Maybe spiritual consciousness would not happen to me but I’m enjoying very much my present moments by overcoming my laziness, taking challenges on the way I go with no fear. My weaknesses are the reason why I’m moving forward and it means there are spaces for me to improve more.

The practice today was heavy and very interesting; I enjoyed and sweat a lot. We were trained hamstrings a lot today in order to get more control when practicing any poses.  Hamstring is one of the muscles in back legs. We did a lot of partner work: one person will hold legs of the other person who is lying down on chest, legs bending backward, and the later person will try to resist with the force of the person who is holding the legs. By doing this way, we train the strength and resistance in the hamstrings, so we could have more control in our legs when doing any poses. After the entire partner works, I got more feeling of controlling my legs when I did the handstand. Handstand pose is one of big challenges for me. I always fell down in a second after kicking up to the wall (still wall), so many times, so many days of practicing it, and I felt of no control, no strength in my legs. Now I’m very happy because of this little progress.

The teacher said, “when you can control your body, you can control your mind, so start with your body first!”. Thank you, Master.

Thank you to all the teachers and classmates for the spirit and energy, I feel a vibrant me, keeping moving on the yoga journey.


Thuy Le

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