Moving Students Onward!

As I am coming to a deeper level of yoga practice personally, I am left with the question of how I will inspire my students to do the same?   First, I will identify why I have decided to take this step and then explore practical ways to apply to my classes. 
I have found that I often need a “push” to go deeper in my physical practice.  This is usually preceded by increased knowledge.  This knowledge may come from reading or interaction with other people sharing their yoga practice with me.  As bits and pieces are “revealed” to me, my curiosity is sparked. 
Sometimes merely observing the behaviors of other yoga practitioners is enough to spur me forward.  I do not have much daily interaction with people like this, but when I do see them it is very apparent.  Perhaps this is just seeing the Yamas and Niyamas put into practice outside asana, but these are the people whom I want to be more like.
Lastly, I am left with my own sense of accomplishment.  As self centered as it sounds, there is a great feeling associated with going a bit further or deeper in physical practice.  This is an intrinsic motivator—the ability to push myself to new physical limits.  With this one comes greater health and a general feeling of well being. 
I think that most of my students are motivated by the last one only–Simply the physical benefits.  Sure, some notice a difference in stress relief but that comes with almost any form of exercise.  I will try to focus on being an example of Yamas/Niyamas in my daily interactions with them and in my daily routines.  I will increase their knowledge by sharing MORE about what practicing yoga really means.  I will also give them tools that they can use outside the class—more prana practice and breathing techniques.  Step by step, I hope to educate and enlighten them, with the goal of starting a personal daily yoga practice—letting the rest unfold from there and it is slowly unfolding for me.