Moving Forward! Start a journey to a Yogi Lifestyle – 3 BANDHA!

Moving Forward! Start a journey to a Yogi Lifestyle – 3 BANDHA!

Wei Ling taught us the bandha.

Master Paalu made it as our homework.

I didn’t do it that day.

I was too exhausted for the start at the beginning and the next moment I reached home, I slept all way till next morning and drag my body to the class again.

Master Paalu reminded us to do this Bandha again.

“what so fun and what so good to play with the sucking and holding of our inner tummy” initially I thought. Only children will like to show off and play with that.

Then, in order to clock the 20 hours Teaching Practical at Home, I pull my husband to do this Bandha. Ended up, both of us rush to the toilets 5 times within that 3 hours. The last time was yellow and orange color.  My girl was giggling.

Many times, my little girl loves to tease me and giggle over my “hot air balloon”, that I had accumulated the “internal force” with all kinds of buffet foods for more than 20 years.

After reducing the size of this “balloon”, immediately I rush all the way back to the old closets and pull out my L size old cloths, including that 3 “Shanghai Cheong-Sam” that I had collected from Taobao over the stupid “online-order-crazy-times” and squeeze them all into the washing machine. Pressed 2 buttons. “On”, “Start”, walk away, go sleep.

Highly recommended, Sign up for the daily course. It’s only 3 weeks efforts.