Moving Forward! Start a journey to a Yogi Lifestyle – 1 The Start.

Moving Forward! Start a journey to a Yogi Lifestyle – 1 The Start.

Having been working with the desktop for more than three decades, started to realized severe soreness all over from a Migraine, stiff shoulder, lower back, hip bone.

I wasn’t sure where’s goes wrong. Couldn’t even tell whether the soreness came out from bone, muscles, ligaments or nerves. Feeling more like the bone is the culprit as if like it has had not enough strength to support the whole body’s weight. Can imagine how clumsy I was with the big fat tummy which I almost changed full closet of clothes to XXL (my daughter said, it’s “Perth Ladies Size”).

Switching from clinic to clinic, from doctors to doctors, signing up packages of commercial massage programmes after programmes, swapping from chiropractic to chiropractic, countless X-Ray showing the bone crack and old injuries reminding me from those “hiking” “mountaineering” “Scuba Diving” age and countless “carrying babies” nights. None of these fully heal me from suffering. Eventually swopping from yoga classes to yoga classes with some hands-on experiences, I decided to settle down my mind to learn yoga in a much organized and systematic logic.

Initiated a thought to search for one that allows me to have an overview of different types of Yoga happening in the market, here I m, with Tirisula Yoga, learning actively from Master Paalu, Wei Ling, and Sri.

Here I go, enjoying the classes in a joyful environment, picking up bit by bit daily, stretch out slowly at a comfortable pace.