More than meets the eye

Most of us will think of elegant, and somewhat contorted poses, when asked about our perception of yoga. What we have seen is only one  facet of yoga. Yoga is more than the execution of a yoga sequence with finesse and maintaining a perfect alignment to achieve the elegance of a posture. It goes deeper than the physical aspects of the body.
A holistic yoga practice sets a person on the path of achieving stillness in the heart and mind. Through the deliberate act of ujjayi breathing during the performance of a yoga sequence, a person first learns to calm the mind and to bring awareness back to oneself. With additional practice of pranayama, greater self-awareness is achieved. With greater self-awareness, a person becomes clearer and neater in his or her thoughts, and stillness of the heart and mind will gradually develop.
Eventually, a person will manoeuvre between stillness and motion with ease as he or she establishes stability when in motion, and allowing for motion in the stillness of the mind. With stillness in the heart and mind, a person practices yoga sequence with ease and comfort from the inner depths of his body to the outer physical body. That is the true perfect alignment.
动中有定,定中有动, 相辅相成,无往不利.
Establish stillness in motion, allow for motion in stillness. Keep both in harmony and everything else will fall in place.
~ Fern
Namaste, Fern (200hr TTC, July 2013, Weekday)

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