More than Asanas: Pushing Boundaries, Achieving Personal Best, The Journey Inwards & Beyond

Time flies and we’re on the final lag of the YTT course. It has certainly been a fruitful yet trying journey, one of pushing physical and also mental boundaries.

Those who know me know I’ve got an immense fear of heights and also confined spaces. With that, of course, brings about limitations to certain physical postures that have been impossible for me to do, even with regular practice. Yes, the dreaded sirsasana(headstand). It’s a posture that comes easier to some than others but for me it’s like getting a fish to walk on land. There really is no reason why I would not be able to perform the posture, other than the great fear of falling, which is involuntary and crippling. The fear is real.

I’m very proud to announce that I’ve achieved the impossible (for me at least) and did my first headstand over the weekend in the third week of the course. It’s the ‘I want to stand on top of the mountain and shout, I did it, kind of proud’. The sentiment that with the correct technique, focus and trust in oneself, personal bests and how the impossible can be achieved is not lost on me.

That to me, basically sums up YTT and its’ application to daily life for me. The theoretical aspect of yoga and looking inward on very tough questions like identity, with the practice of Pranayama and Asanas, gives insight and teaches life lessons that might not have been possible to achieve any other way. For me at least.

This journey has definitely been worthwhile and I’ve gained immensely from it. I achieved what I wanted and so much more. The alignment of both physical and mental state of being is a work in progress and something I think will benefit a lot of people. That yoga is more than Asanas & postures. Now that would be something I hope I can share with more people, either through teaching yoga or in some other way. Yoga is here to stay, for me.