More Sweat & Peace; Lesser Medications

Before I started going for yoga class regularly, I was often sick and each time I have to visit the Doctors to get my fixed. I found this being a perpetual problem to me and it actually hinders my lifestyle.

Finally when I made the decision to commit to going for regular practice, I found it as one of the remedy for me. It has gradually become part of my routine and I make sure to clock at least one class per week. I guessed it was also a form of self love, to make time for myself, just for my the body, mind and soul.

There were many times when I wonder why am I sitting silently for 5 minutes and just concentrating on breathing, inhale deeply, exhale slowly. Mind to be clear of everything, removal of thoughts, uninterrupted flow of the mind which is known as Dhyana. Slowly, some of the days I will be able to achieve that peace within me, the mind and the heart. Yet there were be days whereby my mind is filled with all sorts of things that I cannot seem to sit still and find silence and peace within me.

Yoga is an endless journey, where there is no end to what you can learn and achieve. I am curious to see how my journey with yoga will transcend into.

Till then.