Mongolian Doctor Me Right Knee

Being an avid traveller, I walked a lot during my days of travelling until my legs were really tired and sore. And one day I just realised I woke up having a weaken and painful right knee, there was difficulty to walk normally.

This condition was with me for 2 years, it came when I went travelling, and recovers when I’m back to my normal life. After some time, the weaken and pain knee stayed on even when I was back to my normal life. The GP I saw said that I had injured my ligament and that I was not to strain it further and let it heal on its own. However it just comes back each time I tire out my poor knees.

Some time later, the knee got so weak it was so prone to snapping and twisting, and since then, it would snap and twist whenever I am not careful with my balance. 4 years ago when I was into my 1st pregnancy, the hormonal changed in my body result in the knee getting weaker and prone to snapping. I had to be so careful then with every step I took. I’ve never really checked into what really is wrong with my knee and just assumed what the GP has said, I’ve injured my knee ligament.

In my course of studying up on the anatomy of our body, I began to look into what really is wrong with my knee since I came across the reading on ligaments. As usual, the stingy me refused to pay for any MRI done since day 1, but choose to be a Mongolian doctor myself once again and diagnose the condition of my knees. I think I have injured my Medial Collateral Ligament.

During my 1 year of yoga practice, I always felt that the pain is gone after stretching out, especially in Baddha Konasana. However a few days later, the weakness is still there, and the pain still comes back to haunt occasionally. When I started TTC, I came to learn that our muscles should be flexible and also strong at the same time. I began to wonder this could be the reason why my knee was so prone to twisting when I lose my balance, it wasn’t strong enough as I was usually only stretching my knees out!

It is amazing to learn how yoga can be used as a form of therapy for our weaken and injured muscles, this has absolutely never crossed my mind until this course. As I go through the TTC every weekend, it was already helping me to build up my strength in my knees through poses like Trikonasana, Sethu Bandasana, Utkatasana, I can definitely feel the stability increased each week. And this week, I am into my 7 days split challenge, so definitely lots of stretching out poses for my entire leg through poses like Baddha Konasana, Utthan Pristhasana, Ardha Hanumansana, which had kind of gotten rid of the pain in my knees.

This is good news isn’t it, apart from saving the MRI money, I hope that I will one day recover totally from this condition that has haunt me for years. =D

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