Miscellaneous Post: Who owns Yoga?

A recent article from the New York Times draws attention to the question of who really owns yoga and whether it matters. From its title “Hindu Group Stirs a Debate Over Yoga’s Soul” I think you get a sense of what’s going on.
This question on the  integrity of Yoga without links to its ancient roots gets bigger as the practice becomes more global. On occasion, I too feel awkward when I see things that don’t seem “right” or authentically “Indian” or “Yogic”. This happens as Yoga goes further and further away from it’s roots in India. But the fact is, the more people there are sharing a life of Yoga, the more ways it gets interpreted and used. I think these interpretations can sometimes be uncomfortable, but evolution usually is.
This important thing to remember that it’s wrong to make a blanket judgement that all of this evolution and interpretation is wrong. It might not be what you are used to. But it might be right for someone else. As long as the principles and foundations are the same, it just means Yoga becomes more accessible. In my opinion, that’s a good thing.
As for the New York Times article on Yoga’s “Soul”? Ultimately, I feel that the link between Yoga and Hinduism needs to be a personal choice.
Here is the article: “Hindu Group Stirs a Debate Over Yoga’s Soul”

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