You  are wondering what is the ” after tears party”! well let me enlighten you. In South Africa whenever there’s a funeral we have the whole community helping, so we have what we call society gathering and its done by men and women. Men have their own and so is women, they don”t mix unless its a family society . the procedure is, there will be meetings held and they collect money  from each member and there ‘s a joining fee so they will meet once in a month, and it will be a sunday. In case of a funeral among one of the members then the society is there to help the family with whatever they need, so for instance, during the week the women will help with the baking, organize big pots, the men will take care of making  big fire place and a cooking spot. There society then hold a meeting to talk about how much they give to the bereaved family or they will buy grocery, a cow, organize tables and hire buses for the community. The night before the funeral, there will be  a night vigil, so there will church service, they slaughter the cow, women prepare the food for the funeral next day. Everything will be done by 5am , the society then leaves to go home and wash so they can attend the funeral and also the family to also  prepare for the burial. The burial is normally done at 8 or 9 in the morning and after that everybody goes back home to the bereaved family for lunch, while that is happening the society then prepares for the after tears party. It will be done at the back opposite or next door neighbor’s house, music is prepared and change of clothes,from the formal to casual. We bring the cooler bags, call friends even if they didn’t attend the funeral or even know the person. The event will start small and by the evening its a party.There’s nothing special about it really if we knew the person we will talk about him, have fun, others will say thank God he/she ‘s gone , its just an after tears party. Its not done by the youth only, the elders do it too but in a more subtle manner. I don’t know of any other country that does it but its a MZANSI’S culture meaning South African culture.

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