Let’s talk about Minimalism, so what exactly is this? I did a Google search to get the exact meaning and it said “reduce (something, especially something undesirable) to the smallest possible amount or degree.” ……. Ey so it is reduce waste la right?

Minimalism is more of a concept or guiding principle for living, whereas reduce waste is and end-state or a target.

Minimalism is an alternative way of living that seeking simplicity, seeking Minimalism material needs, seeking non-materialistic source of satisfaction.  Understand what we needs and seeking happiness thru appreciating what we have within us.

Minimalism is a pathway to reduce waste, and reduce waste is actually inviting you to consider is there anything we can re-use?

People often think that “ohh reduce waste ah, easy la.. 11.11 is coming ah, let me see is there any good offer for reusable cup, reusable plate, reusable spoon, fork…. etc must support reduce waste mah.. right anot?!!”  But, hey… yes, reusable cup, plate, spoon, fork etc might help in reduce waste in the long run, but because of trying to support the reduce waste we ended up buying more stuff that we actually no need it. Why not we start looking around our house and see what we have at home first before we decide if we really need to buy?


Things can be anything, but lets just started with things that we are no longer care for. either they serve no purposed in your life or you simply not finding them beautiful anymore. This include clothes that you don’t feet, things that you no longer need, or gift that you don’t like, so learn to give up these things so you can free up the space and times for other things that they do.

This is also include a relationship. We want a happy relationship not a relationship that will create alot negative energy.


So what are we really benefit from being living minimalism?

I guess the number one benefit is cutting from financial worry. The less things that we WANT the less money we will spend.  Seriously, do we really need a huge apartment? Re-sizing apartment might will get more benefits from other area like example government subsidy if you living in HDB in Singapore, cheaper electricity bill, lower maintenance. Ofcos, this does not mean that you will need to squeeze a family of 4 into a small 2 room apartment if you can affort a 3-4 room apartment. So much we want to practice living meninism, we also want to live happy as well.

Once our financial is free from every month bills, we will feel worry less. We can spend more on experience rather than stuffs. We will be happier.

3 years ago I started to go diving as my hobby, then I come across of my diving instructor mentioned about “Sun screen is another number 1 killer to all corals.”  Oxybenzone, Butylparaben, Octinoxate contained in sunscreen that cause coral bleaching and damage coral DNA. Yah, our sun screen washed off when we go under the water anyway, why we bother to apply? and the worst part is when it washed off from our skin and go into coral reef environment.

How to start?

First, we must start with asking our self, do we really need to buy this new item before we send the item to shopping cart. We must set our mind clear with our intention, why we want to live minimalise?

Now, we can start with cleaning our current living.  Less clutter allows you to really focus on the things that make you happy in  life, and the things you really need. Start with smallest room in the house, like toilet, balcony or kitchen. This allows you to avoid overwhelming yourself with too many things to give up in a short period of time. Create some bins like “Let go”, “Consider” or “Keep” to allows you to decide slow on items that you think you might still want it. Review the “Consider” & “Keep” bin after 2-3 weeks, if you think you still want it, then we keep.

Next, we focus on meals. Generally, meals is one of the highest expenses from our income. Try to plan our meal every week either to eat in or cooking at home. if you think yourself is throwing out excess food every week, it may be time to consider creating a meal plan for you and your whole family. Planning is frustrating at first, but if you are able to plan 3 days out of 7, you can save yourself a lot of money. Then, maybe 5 days out of 7, take 1 step at a times. you will see your saving is growing faster than you expected.


Whether or not you become any form of minimalist is entirely up to you, but living by a few of their simple philosophies can do wonders for your finances.


Here are some resources that might help.