Mind, Body, Soul & Husband

When my husband and I first met over 10 years ago, we would joke that people who went to yoga we’re only interested in meeting other people for dating purposes. We would also joke that their online dating profile would say something cheesy like: “I like long walks on the beach and yoga” . Fast forward 10 years, here I am, living by East Coast Beach and getting my yoga certification. I really do like long walks on the beach and yoga… I don’t think Im cheesy??? My affinity for yoga actually begun with “Bar Method” (a form of exercise that uses Pilates, Yoga, ballet and weights), but I didn’t know it at the time. I fell in love, I regained my flexibility, strength and watched my body transform. My husband thought “Bar Method”, like yoga wasn’t a real workout, until I brought him to a class and he learned not to discredit my workouts. When I moved to Singapore, sadly there was no Bar Method, so I looked to other forms of exercise, like Pilates, treadmill, elliptical and yoga (which actually felt more like an aerobics class with a few poses) at the gym. Theses workouts were okay, but I definitely needed something more and then, I found Hom Yoga and begun to really enjoy taking classes with teachers who believed in their practice; when a person has passion while they teach, it radiates throughout the class and the students leave with a positive perception of what they just learned. It is amazing how “good teachers” can change your outlook on a particular subject, activity or life. How did I not see this being a teacher myself? Because I felt the same way about yoga as my husband did, I failed to recognize that the teachers I encountered were more about demonstrating their flexibility and not engaging with their students, teaching is all about your relationship with your students. Once I made this realization, it was time to take my husband, I had to convince him that yoga, like bar method can really give a person a workout. After our Hot Yoga session with Michelle at Hom Yoga, he became a believer. We now try to go to Yoga class together at least once a week (the rest of the week is for his biking and TRX training). Yoga is so much more than just a physical workout, its works the mind, body and soul and I am thankful that I can share that with my husband.

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