How I met Tirisula?

Hi Yogis/Yoginis… akin to my favorite sit-com ‘How I met your mother?’, I am going to tell you my story of how I met Tirisula…
My first yoga experience was in a community centre in 2006 and I recalled how much I struggled in the mass class, not following the sequence, one pose to the other. Feeling frustrated and baffled with why I constantly have to ‘catch’ my next pose, naturally I didn’t quite enjoy this first encounter. As such is the disadvantage of being in a mass class. Yoga and I sort of got off the wrong footing.
It was during a retreat I had in Ubud where I began to get a glimpse of the vast variety of what yoga could have offered. Not only are the asanas good for physical well-being, what’s more intriguing are the involvement of pranayama and various meditative options (crystal bowl etc…) that holistically ground a person, bringing inner peace and silence the wild mind of us city dwellers. So perhaps yoga spans beyond just being frozen in poses and looking pretty. There’s more to it, there’s connectivity to biological self, to the universal energy, the intricate connectivity of the two intertwined in this fine art. But I know so little. The more I read, the more confused I get. So it all started with me sitting in front of my faithful computer and started asking ‘Dr. Google’ for a solution… and hence popped Tirisula trainer’s course – structured, comprehensive, offered within a reasonable timeframe, and best of all conducted in Singapore where I can continue to meet my worldly obligations while seeking what I’m looking for, a deeper understanding of this field called ‘yoga’!
Tirisula… I’m glad I met you. But I have to be honest that the journey with you has been pretty tough, certainly was not one that I expected but is pleasantly embracing now. You kicked me out of an inertia state that I have been for a while and bring me to a new level of excitement. There’s always something new (sometimes shocking) to look forward to every weekend, and the sense of gratification after every lesson and the energy I am drew from my lively chatty classmates recharge me every week ready for what may come in life in the following week. 200 hours initially seems really a long time to perfect a skill, but now, 200 hours to me is simply just a beginning.
For me, my journey has only just begun. There’s so much to explore, to experience, to understand, to learn, and to internalize. I’m overwhelmed, a fact that I wasn’t expecting when I signed for the course. I’ll take my time, step-by-step, slowly but surely, it’ll all unfold in its time. Jenny, be patient.
Jenny Lim 200hr Yoga TTC 07/14 weekend

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