Memoirs of Yoga Teacher Training

Congratulations to those who have made it through the 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Weekend batch from Jan to March 2010. Through your hardwork, sweat, tears (blood? I hope not) I hope this lovely bunch of girls have learnt something valuable for life. Yoga philosophy cannot be learnt just be reading, application to one’s life is more important than remembering the verses. Hope you will not stop learning Yoga as this is only the start.
Here are some photos for memories….

1 thought on “Memoirs of Yoga Teacher Training”

  1. I had a wonderful time pushing myself to the limits. Didn’t know I could. When I finally could do the urdhva dhanurasana I was overjoyed, Thanks to all the supportive ladies who helped and encouraged me. Missed sweating out with all the members of the January intake. Yoga has helped me to be more positive in my thoughts and in my interaction with those around me. Thanks to Weiling and Paalu who never gave up on me.

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