Meditation resemblance

Studying the meditation theory of pratyahara, dharana, and dhyana, I found the course of action in getting into meditation quite similar to that of an actor getting into acting on stage. And was thrilled to really read through that part of the tirisula book; to see the same appliance of “method” to move into a certain state.
So, given that the the actor has done the homework and understands how the character serves the play, being fully equipped and prepared for the part, the only thing that stands in his/her way on stage would be the unsettled mind. The mind that feels self-conscious. The mind that brings all these different thoughts and worries about oneself. And everything else.
So on stage, in normal plays with the fourth wall, the only thing that the actors should put their attention is their scene partners. If they put their mind to the audience or themselves, the worst nightmare of all actors will come: of becoming self-conscious. Your arms will be awkward. Your foot, leg, everything will become self-conscious and awful. So you withdraw certain stimuli and set your mind off of that front row audiences. Or your monkey mind that hunts you down, asking if you are good enough, or looking in a certain way. Or whatever. PRATYAHARA. Because none of that will serve you to really do what you gotta do.
And then you put your focus on your scene partner. Concentrate on how your scene partner’s behavior affects what you want as the character. DHARANA. Like in a scene, your character would want something to happen that has to do with the scene partner. Well for example, your character might desperately need your scene partner’s approval or support on doing something. Then your attention should be directly on that person, moment to moment, in relations to your objective. This process is not done in an intellectual sense of analyzing, but your whole soul and body should be devoted to that. Like dharana, it is surely a practice. Now and then, something might distract you, but you get back and put your attention on the scene partner. And everything else will follow (if you’ve done your homework, wink).
Then of course DHYANA. This is when the magic happens, and you enter into that state. Of really becoming that character whatsoever. Your faith in that reality becomes so strong that you live and breathe in that imaginary circumstances as the character. Everything comes into one, and you just let the play sail you forward.
So, the resemblance delighted me. And let me understand/approach meditation in an open belief.

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