Get enlightened with a private class with one of our Master Teachers. During the sessions, you will be guided, hand held throughout the sessions to release all worries, tensions, anger, expectations, insomnia, heart problems, arthritis, and other ailments of the modern society.

The teachers are jovial and able to bring out the worst and best that lies within you. You will not get to experience this level of guidance in a group class. Each session is timed, clinical and surgical. Transformation is only a step away. Don’t miss this mind-boggling opportunity.


Who is the teacher for Private Meditation classes @ Singapore?

You can request for either of our Master trainers, Paalu Ramasamy or Satya Chong Wei Ling or other Yoga teachers previously graduated from Tirisula Yoga.Our Master Trainers Paalu Ramasamy and Chong Wei Ling have more than 10 years of experience in teaching and has taught many instructors worldwide. To learn through a Master Trainer, besides enrolling yourself for the Yoga teacher training programmes and the Pilates Instructor Course, you can opt for private sessions with them.

Experience the benefits of meditation
  • Are you stressed?
  • Do you want to know how to solve the problem of insomnia?
  • Do you feel that you are in the dead end of your life?
  • Finding a solution for depression? Are you a bi-polar manic depressive?
  • Do you have trouble quitting smoking?
  • Do you have an addiction to drugs, sex, alcohol etc?
  • Do you feel like committing suicide?
Rates (in SGD) of Private Meditation Classes @ Singapore:
Fees for 1-2 pax per session 60 min 90 min
At your home $300 $450
At our studio $250 $350

You can have a trial session at the above rate. After the trial, minimum commitment is 10 sessions. Please email us at for more information.



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