Meditation is like ______

We are trained to be a multi-tasker since working in corporate world. With our multi-tasking ‘skill’, we are busy switching from task A to task B, C, D, then back to A, end up doing more and more jobs everyday. This is well explained by the chinese character of busy (忙).  忙 can be seperated into two words –> 心 亡, it means heart is dead. When we are busy, we ignore what we really want in our life.

During meditation, your focus is drawn inward. You will be conscious on your own breath. Every inhalation and exhalation are deep and smooth. You are aware of all your thoughts, feeling and pain. You are neither attached to it nor judging them. Let them come and go, come and go. As you feel more stillness, you mind is clear on who you are and what you want. You are able to overcome fear and make decision that is aligned to your heart.

What I like about meditation is that everybody can do it. Find some ‘me’ time and sit down on a corner where you feel grounded, be it at home, garden or yoga studio. No excuse to be lazy since the practice takes few minutes only. Did some calculation, 10 mins out of 16 hours (hours that you probably stay awake) per day is merely 1%! Stop using busy as an excuse.

Meditation is as important as asanas. I will guide myself to meditate daily so that I feel more grounded and focused throughout the day.

•   First, sit in a comfortable cross-legged position, keep the spine straight.

•   Inhale, and as you exhale, feel your eyelids drop down slightly.

•   Inhale, deep exhale, gently close your eyes.

•   Inhale, roll your shoulders upward, exhale, roll your shoulder backward and down.

•   Inhale, feel your belly rise up, exhale, feel your belly sink down.

•   Inhale, feel the fresh air filled from your both nostrils, to your throat, chest, belly, and exhale, breathe out all the air from your belly, to your chest, throat, both nostrils. Feel your nose tip.

•   Inhale, bring awareness to the area you feel tension, exhale, release it slowly.Inhale, bring awareness to your belly, exhale, release any tightness on your belly.

•   Take a deep inhale, exhale, let it all go.

•   Inhale, exhale, release all expectations on yourself and others.

•   Inhale, exhale, accept yourself for who you are. You are great. You are grateful today. Say thanks to yourself.

I will repeat the same sentence if my body and mind need it more. Continue meditating for 5 more mins and become the observer of your thoughts.


For me, meditation is like a calm lake. It is so clear that I can see the reflection of my inner self. 


















Su Yan ^.^

YTT200 Sept Weekend 2017