How meditation helped me to deal with injury

Two months into yoga teacher training, I am still struggling with arm balances when it requires my wrists to bend more than 90 degrees. Some fear stays there just doesn’t go away since I twisted my left wrist 6 weeks ago. I bought a stress ball and squeeze it in my palm with the hope that this exercise strengths my fingers, wrists and arms as it says so in the product tag. However recently I started to realize that the upset and stress I have from having the injury is far more than the injury itself.
I took on meditation. And I created my own style of meditation for my wrist. ☺
Here’s what I do:
– Playing Tibetan singing bowl, my favorite relaxation music at the background, I genteelly close my eyes, sitting cross-legged in a comfortable position on my mat
– I bring my focus to my wrists, rotate them with every inhalation and exhalation. After 10-15 breaths, I place my hands on knee, palms facing up, peace finger to touch, yoga mudra.
– When my shoulders and facial muscles are fully relaxed while I focus on my breath, I visualize that there’s orange light at my heart center, it starts to grow bigger from a tinny dot and expands to my ribcage
– As I visualize the light forms a round shape, glowing, I bring my hands to heart center. The space between my wrist is right at the center of the light
– The light continues to expand, even out of my body, and it brings warmth to the heart and the warmth expands in a hemisphere reaching out to my arms, wrists and fingers
– I continue to focus on my breaths while have a sense of the light’s expansion, stay here for another few more minutes and imagine the light dims. When the light is completely gone, I stake another 10-15 breath deeply, and this completes my meditation
The exercise helps me to reduce mental stress about my wrist pain and discomfort. At least now, I have the confidence to get into baby crow and simple side crow positions, and I did succeed.

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