Meditation to calm the mind

I came across meditation during a group class many years ago. Back then I have no knowledge of what’s all about. My impression was to just keep the mind empty and focus on the candle frame. I couldn’t get myself into Dharana nor Dhyana at all.

As Master Paalu mentioned, not everyone is good at explaining or teaching mediation. It was until he explained further with illustration of “the fish jumping out of the water” theory that makes me understand how meditation should be. It’s ok to have thoughts jumping up and down in my mind before entering into Dharana (Mind fit for concentration). Focusing on 1 thought at a time and breathing helps to calm the mind. And slowly enter into Dhyana (Meditation) with uninterrupted flow of the mind.

When the mind is completely loses the trace of object which merged into nature and the mind also merges into nature, they form a frequency with nature, this is call Samadhi (Super Conscious state). Everything become peaceful and serene.

Beside practicing Asana that helps improves balance, endurance, flexibility and strength, Mediation helps to keep the mind calm, focus and relieves stress.

I have been a workaholics, fast pace and multi-tasker, which have added on unnecessary stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Now, ever since I started to practice meditation 10-15mins everyday, it helps to calm myself a lot. Not rushing into things, staying focus and slow down the pace. I could see my work life balance and with lots of positive energy. My heart rate has since reduce from 72 to 58 at resting, haha that’s a great progress in just 3weeks of practicing.

“The thing about Meditation is: You become more and more you” David Lynch

Jess Chua

200hrs YTT weekend March 2018

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