Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness is an approach to training the body.

Looking back to those days when I first started attending yoga classes and my instructor always begin her classes with 5 to 10 minutes of breathing meditations. ‘Quiet your mind, bring your awareness inwards. As thoughts intrude, allow them to pass, focus on your breath,’ she says. I remembered how I always struggled to keep those mental noises out of my head. Mental noise is the constant chatter of the mind that never stops. It is the inner conversation or inner monologue that goes on constantly in the mind. They are thoughts you do not need.
For those of you beginners who are like me, I think the easiest way to begin meditating is by focusing on the breath. A concentrative meditation technique which involves focusing on a single point is one of the most common approaches to meditation eg. watching the breath, repeating a word or staring at something. You can simply refocus your awareness on the object of attention when the mind starts wandering. You let your random thoughts go instead of pursuing them.
After practicing for several sessions, I was able to maintain the calmness of mind and sense of inner balance. It was the therapy i needed away from my stressful corporate life and this was one of the main reasons which drew me into yoga.
The more you do it, the easier it is to stay focused.
Eunice Koh
200hrs YTT (weekends)

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