Meditation – What would you associate this word with? I would think of monks in the secluded place, dedication and peace. Google the word meditation, you’ll see thousands of articles describing its definitions and how to do it – and living in the capitalist, consumerism world, there will be hunderds of advertisments offering meditation classes.
What is meditation? I would like to come out with my own definition: It is a state of mind when one being mindfully aware that nothing is in one’s foreground thoughts. Sounds like the easiest thing to do! But being in fast pace world we are where multitasking is a natural aspect in our life. Some of us would brush our teeth and checking facebook/emails/reading news, also when we were having breakfast (if only we had time for breakfast! We had to quickly catch our bus/ train to go to work/school). The list goes on and on.
Can we just mindfully switch our mind not to think of any – meaning really nothing, daydream is not counted! – I tried and failed big time.
Many experts (even doctors) agreed that meditation helped to improved some mental (depression) and physical (blood pressure) illnesses. Let’s take depression as an example. Thousands are diagnose with it every year – for whatever reasons. Many committed suicide. Many are willing to pay thousands of dollars for psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist.
Maybe these people should stop and think (OR NOT TO THINK) for a moment. Maybe being mindfull of ourself could help? Like I mentioned earlier, it was not an easy think to do, but I do believe it might help us in whichever area we need to improve our lives without medications.

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