Easily one of my favourite times of every day!! It did take me a while to include meditation into my daily routine, mainly because i wasn’t completely sure exactly what i was meant to be doing. Meditation was something i enjoyed for a few minutes in yoga classes and often thought to my self “i should do more of this.”
Meditation, for me is about quietening the mind and connecting with my higher self/my truth. It has helped me to completely surrender and place every part of my self in the hands of the universe/higher power. This has allowed amazing things happen, not only in my life, for example when opportunities arise or the people i meet, but also in the way i see life. With a calm and clear mind i am able to study my self and the events that have happened in my life as well as make space for new things.
Another major benefit I have found by making meditation a daily practice is the physical side. I can feel in harmony, in tune and more aware of my body. I also feel more alert and energised after i meditate. This is my favourite quote on meditation, “I have so much to do today…I am going to meditate for two hours instead of one” – Ghandi
There were a couple of things that helped me understand meditation better and to include it more in my everyday life. One was going to a meditation workshop at my local yoga centre and the other was listening to meditation videos on youtube. There are so many available, and with such a range of time lengths there is bound to be at least one to suit you. A few of my favourites are by Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Wayne Dyer, Thich Nhat Hanh, Doreen Virtue, Cheryl Richardson.
“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you.”
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