Meditation is the state where your physical body is in total harmony with your mind. One of my favourite benefits of meditation is clarity of thoughts. When my thoughts are clear, I am able to analyze situation better and make sound decisions.
When I was a little girl, I was introduced to the concept of meditation by my mother who thought that it would help me focus better on my studies. I was extremely excited by my mother’s invitation. Looking at how my mother ease into her position, meditation look like an easy game to play with her. However, little me was so wrong, I could never “win” the game as I would always be the one who stood up first.
As I grew up, I became more interested in techniques of meditations. I realized that mediation does not necessary have to be done in a quiet place with my lotus pose. Right now, I feel that I can switch on my meditation mode anytime, as long as I am focused on doing something intensely. I first had a taste of this feeling when I was cooking, it was feelings of peace and lightness. I have to be focused and not think of any other things when I cook, otherwise my food can get burnt. For example, the strength of the fire, the sequence of putting the ingredients, the timing to cook etc. Therefore cooking is a form of meditation for me.
In yoga, practicing asanas is not only a way to strengthen our body, it also still the mind and prepares the body for meditation.
Poh Ru
YTT Weekday July 15

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