Many people say they do not know how to get into a meditation and there are many guideline of meditation such as yoga chanting and Vipassana meditation (to visualize the object in mind or to see things as they really are), but the reality is anyone can actually do a meditation with their own way.
Think about what you’ve done before you’d entered to the interview room for a job interview. For me, whenever I have important interviews, I would find a quite space alone and try to sort out my thoughts. But most of the time, my nervous feeling will override the thoughts in my head and when I try to get rid of the nervous feeling in my mind, all the thought will be gone and my mind becomes a blank with only one clear thought in my head, telling myself that ‘I can do it.’.
The effect of this short self-focus is amazing. It is like brain-washing yourself into a positive transformation. The positive mind directly influences your mentality and you can actually perform better when you are positive and confident. That is why some of the sports stars do a meditation before their important games.
I have experienced the power of meditation during my golf game. Golf is one of the mental sports. Unlike other sports, golf is an individual game, the flow of the game will be solely controlled by a golfer alone therefore it requires strong mentality to defeat the distractions. There was one time that I was very negatively influenced by a partner golfer who I was playing with, my game didn’t flow well and I started to lose the self-control. I struggled during the game, the more I made a mistake by the distractions the more I became frustrated. One thing I have done to refresh myself was to imagine myself making a beautiful shot before I grab a golf club. Surprisingly it worked. It was actually a kind of ‘Vipasssana’ method that I think now. I was visualizing myself playing a good game in my mind whereas the previous bad shots and mistakes were faded away.
According to the a study published in the journal NeuroImage in 2009 by Eileen Luders, a re-searcher in the Department of Neurology at the University of California Los Angeles School of Medicine, a meditation helps to re-structure the brain to produce more gray matters that are important for attention, emotion regulation, and mental flexibility. Believe or not, it is scientifically proved that your physical performance comes from your mind! Meditation is not difficult, it might be something that everybody is doing it already but it is just too shallow so one might not be able to feel the effect yet.
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