Meditation is link to emptying of the mind while staying conscious, alert and focus with concentration. It often involves an internal effort to self-regulate the mind in some way. Quietening the body and mind is a challenge for people who live in a fast paced environment like us and is often perceived as one of the hardest aspects in yoga.
Upon reading more on meditation and taking up the yoga instructor course allows me to deepen my understanding of what are the actual meaning and benefits of meditation. It is very profound and difficult to understand and explain. One would only be able to understand through experience during meditation.
One of my latest experiences was during a restorative and meditation class with Master Paalu. After a series of ohms, poses from Kriya and breathing exercises, we are told to sit still for meditation. The room became so still, quiet and peaceful instantly. The melodic mantra flowed through the speaker as Master Paalu whispered the instructions to lead us into the state of mediation.
As it begins, I softly closed my eyes, focusing hard and listening to his instructions carefully with awareness and consciousness throughout. The sequence was flowing and methodical, from head to toe and I know that we are in good hands. Focusing with consciousness and relaxed breathing, I found a sudden surge of energy inside me. I saw myself looking at myself in a place with total darkness but there was a ray of light shining from above. The feeling in total darkness was not bleak or hopeless. It was calm and still and the ray of light feels warm and nurturing, as if guiding me to an answer.
As Master Paalu moved on to give instructions to the lower part of the body, the waist or belly button, I found myself looking at myself in the middle of a deep blue sea and similarly with a ray of light shining through the sea towards me. It was still, calm and peaceful and the ray of light was like a hope, guiding me to somewhere. At that moment, I know bliss found me.
After enquiring with some of the instructors, they told me that it was the chakras in me that were moving and guiding me. Although it was a short and minor experiences, it makes me understand and wanting to go deeper than ever. I know I fell in love with meditation and could not be any happier, calmer, feeling peaceful and thankful than ever.
Brandy Yang
200 Hrs YTT 2015

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