Meanings are Man-Made by Paalu

As we search for meanings, soon we become meaningless.  We go on doing things on the spur of the moment unable to see that life needs more awareness, more intelligence.
There is no meaning in looking for meaning in everything that we do, perform or speak.  What is the meaning of this life? We live for the very fact for life’s sake.  It is beautiful and perfect as it is.  There need not be any meaning for existence itself and it need not fulfill any purpose for anyone else.
There is no measure, no dollars, no cents, no miles, and no pressure.  It is a flow.  We may ask what is the meaning of this object, the fragrance or the items that surround us?  The moment we start looking vigourously for meaning, our mind starts projecting on the screen and we start creating purpose, reasons, logic, rules and regulations.
We should live life like poetry in motion, no pressure, no screens, no forms, just pure motion and observe and witness every instance and take in the vibrancy of each.
The search for reasons, meanings and logic leads us to trouble, more pain, more suffering, more expectations and earlier death.  We create meanings so as to govern people’s  thoughts and ideas.  Finally, we want to control their way of thinking and their projections.

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