Me, yoga and acid reflux.

Like many people I suffer often from acid reflux.  This can be due to several reason and in my case I think stress and diet are my causes.  My diet is reasonably good say 85%-90% of the time but like many I really enjoy cheese & wine, pasta on occasions, dark chocolate when I need to fix that sweet craving, pizza and Indian when I am feeling too lazy to cook a meal.  All the above I know do contribute to my acid reflux, however since I have enrolled in the 200hr YTT course after doing some research on Asanas’s there are some that can help with digestion then in turn relieve me of acid-reflux, so I looked a little deeper into it via the world’s encyclopedia aka. Mr Google.
It states that there are no specific yoga poses for acid reflux, however some postures do enhance the digestive process and the functioning of various organs that influence and affect acid reflux, making the treatment of acid reflux with yoga effect.
Of course with anything you look up there is too much information to look through and information is always conflicting and contradicting.  I tried out a few asana’s to see what works for me and the following is what I have come up with.  As we are all different what works for me may not necessarily work for others.  One point I did read and agree with is, when you are suffering from acid reflux avoid intense yoga or other forms of intense exercise as it only enhances it.
Of course it is advisable not to perform yoga after a meal, best to wait 3 hours after eating or if practicing in the morning it is advisable to wait at least 30mins before eating.  There is one exception to this rule, that is Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose).  The advise given is after a meal sit in this position for 10-15mins, or however long you can up to 30mins.  I have started to  bring this into my daily routine when and wherever possible, of course only at home, I  would look a little weird if I was to do this after a meal in a restaurant.  Whilst in the pose if you need to take a break do so, stand up move ankles, knees and legs then go back into the position. Obviously if you have knee injuries it’s not advisable and also if pregnant they say to try it with knees apart to avoid stress abdomen. The benefits and how it helps/works- Vajrasana modifies the blood flow in the lower pelvic region. The blood flow to the legs is reduced and the blood flow to the digestive organs is increased. This increases the efficiency of the digestive system and helps those with weak digestion to digest a full meal easily.  It helps to prevent acidity and ulcers by improving the digestion. In this position you can meditate to relax even further or practice pranayama which also can help.
My little routine to help me with acid-reflux which I have put together and practice in the evening several hours after a meal and will start practicing in the mornings…..soon…. goes like this:
* I start seated in thunderbolt
* I add a gentle twist to each side, nothing too deep.

* I push back into child pose
* Follow up with a few cat & cows
* Lie on my back into pavanamuktasana, wind relieving pose.  I break it up, left leg flat on floor and bring right leg into chest. Then right leg flat bring left leg into chest then lastly both legs to chest and hold.
* From this position a gentle twist, dropping knees/legs to one side, I don’t twist my torso to much. And then repeat on the other.
As simple as that.  I hope that someone may benefit from this.
200hr-YTT Ashtanga & Hatha

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