Marichyasana C

English Name-  A Pose dedicated to Marichi : 1-Legged Seated Spinal Twist

Sanskrit Name – Marichyasana C

Step 1: Begin in Dandasana position 


Step 2: Bend your right knee and place your right heel close to your hip 


Step 3: Inhale raise your left arm up, Exhale turn your body to the right, wrapping your left arm around the right knee,  grabs your hands at the back. Inhale lengthen your spine keeping it straight, Exhale suck in belly and twist deeply




1) Keep a neutral spine 

2) Focus weight into foot of bent knee instead of the straight leg 

3) Relax shoulders and arms. Bringing the shoulders down helps to reach the leg.

Muscles Activated 

1) Deep muscles of erector spinae and abdominal obliques 

2) Pectoralis major and Rhomboid major 

3) Gluteal muscles ( major, medius and minimus ) and external hip rotatos 

4) quadriceps of bent leg 

Physical Benefits  

1) Strengthens and stretches spine , hamstrings and shoulders 

2)  Tones waist 

3) Reduces Weight 

Mental Benefits 

1)  Stimulates Abdominal organs 

2) Aids digestion 

3) Relieves backache , hip and menstruation discomfort

4) Brain is stimulated for proper functioning

Spiritual Benefits  

1)      As this pose is named after Sage Marichi, significant amount of inspiration is achieved by doing this pose

Precaution and Contraindication 

1) Patients of diarrhoea and asthma 

2) Pregnancy


1) Parsvottanasana

2) Gomukhasana



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