The visible body has head (inside is the brain), neck which connects the head with the trunk (thorax, abdomen and pelvis) and the two upper limbs, the two lower limbs. This gross body houses the brain and spinal cord (the most important structures for God realization),
Of greatest importance is the Brain which contains cerebrum, cerebellum, mid-brain, Pons, medulla, pituitary, pineal, the limbic system and the cranial nerves etc. And it is through the cranial nerves and the spinal cord, the brain controls and regulates the entire body and every point on it and in it. Now we will discuss how the “Mahamudra” during its three main postures exercises, energizes, vitalises, purifies and refines the different parts and systems of the entire gross body and the invisible body. It also burns up the seeds of sinful acts of prior births and prepares the Susumna for the upward movements of the Kundalini. The Maha Bandhas, (MULA {ROOT} , UDDIYANA {CORE}, JALANDHARA {THROAT} ) performed in this asana is in sync that the level of difficulty is VERY HIGH
Stage I: Sitting On The Left Leg posture
The body weight rests on the left leg which is folded under the left thigh and the heel pressing the ‘Toni’ or ‘Kanda’ (space between anus and root of penis or generative organ). The right leg is first folded and pressed firmly against the abdomen and chest, there is special breathing technique and movement of vital force along the ‘Susumna’.
The results are: (I) All the muscles of legs, thigh, hands, arms, abdomen are contracted and pressed (II) All the big and small and smallest arteries, veins and lymphatic are pressed and squeezed. So there is no stagnation of blood and more blood is made available to heart, lungs, spinal cord and brain. This prevents varicose veins, myalgia, fibrositis, sciatica, lumbago etc. Muscles power also increases. By the pressure of right thigh over the pelvis, right half of abdomen and right lower chest, cecum, ascending colon, ileum, jejunum, Liver, gall bladder, stomach are pressed, massaged, exercised. The flow of bile and other digestive juices flow freely and there is good digestion and bowel movements. Constipation is cured. The right kidney, ureter, adrenal glands are exercised. So there is no stone formation in the Kidneys. High blood pressure is prevented and endocrine glands remain healthy. As the lower chest is pressed, toe pressed, the topmost of lungs open up and properly ventilated and lungs are remain healthy and powerful. T.B., Bronchitis and lung cancer are prevented. It can utilize more oxygen. In the next movement the leg is stretched and spine is bent forward. The pressure over abdomen is release and chest which become healthier and stronger. When we bend forward the spinal cord is stretched and massaged, the inter-vertebral spaces open up and tiny blood vessels get filled up with pure blood. When we become erect again, these contract to get pressed, pushed the pure blood into the spinal cord.
Stage II: Sitting On The Right Leg posture
Here the body weight rests on the right leg which is folded and pressed against the left pelvis, left abdomen, left chest. As a result, the rectum, sigmoid colon, descending colon, spleen, stomach, portal vein, left kidney and left adrenal gland are pressed, impure and stagnating blood is pushed out and when pressure is released, pure blood rushes in. All the benefits of stage one are repeated so that there is double benefit.
In ladies, the ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus are exercised. As a result menstrual disorders, sterility, painful periods and menopausal syndrome are prevented and cured. As the perennial muscles and abdominal muscles become stronger, delivery becomes smooth and youthful figure is maintained. In gents and particularly in young people it helps in Brahmacharya and celibacy. It prevents and cures wet dreams, premature ejaculation and impotency. It cures obesity and prevents protuberant abdomen.
Stage III: Both Legs Folding Stage
In this stage both legs and thighs are folded and pressed against the pelvis, abdomen and chest. There is threefold increase in the benefits of above two stages. Pancreas is exercised, so diabetes mellitus is prevented and in early stages cured. All the splanchnic blood vessels in the abdominal cavity which keep the blood stagnated are pressed and the extra blood released is made available to the brain and spinal cord. In the Stage-I, Prana flows in Ida, in the Stage II, Prana flows in the Pingla and in Stage III, Prana flows in the Sushumna nadi. Kundalini is roused and as the sushumna path is opened by above practice, this Divine power Kundalini ascends up the sushumna. If this sufficient effort is made and contained at this stage, Kundalini (Shakti) rises upto Sahasrara in the brain and enters the Absolute (Siva) or the non-functioning column in the pineal. And the sadakha attains the stage of Nirbikalpa Samadhi and becomes Brahmavidya and Jivanmukta.
In the Shastras it is mentioned about Mahamudra:
It relieves all diseases, increases gastric fire, gives lustrous and glorious body. It destroys old age and death. It gives the Sadahka satisfaction of all virtuous desires. It subdues and destroys evil propensities. All these are acquired by the yogi when he keeps on practising ‘Mahamudra’.

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