The magic of abdominal breathing

Human life has a physical rhythm, and the baby likes to be touched by a gentle rhythm. All of us can accept the music of 4\4, because these are the rhythms of life. So I think yoga is not just a way of moving, but also a worldview that includes a sense of how people relate to themselves. So, I really want to start with the breath, to experience the rhythm, to listen to the body. When I’m nervous, anxious, tired, and getting a hiccup, I will practice addominal breathing until I have a peace of mind and body. is such a particularly wonderful experience. 

Abdominal breathing, actively expand abdomen, to pull the diaphragm with the expansion of the abdomen, because the diaphragm is separated from the chest and abdominal muscle, but at ordinary times is rarely, if ever, if you catch cold catch cold, too full, spasm occurs, commonly known as “hiccups”. So people with hiccups should be able to eliminate the problem if they practice abdominal breathing regularly. Stretching the diaphragm, of course, is not the most important function of abdominal breathing, the most important thing is, stretching the diaphragm can expand the chest passive, let all the alveolar as much as possible to participate in the activities of breathing. The alveoli of biology are not always full of air. Especially lung dysfunction of people, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, smoke too much, can make the function of the alveolar expansion greatly abate, the oxygen content of blood, of course, will also be greatly reduced. If let alveolar perked up and air into the lungs, as much as possible in the blood to carry oxygen will naturally increase, so the oxygen in the brain is also increased.

FRT(200hr TTC May 2017)

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