The circulation of inspiration

Maggie 200Hr YTT Sep 15
There are thousands of benefits of yoga. But I only want to talk about one
which impacts me the most profound : the circulation of inspiration flowing
between the body and mind.
I started to practice yoga about 3 to 4 years ago. But first two years , I
didn’t make too much progress. I only went the hot yoga as my purpose is
only ‘Losing Weight’. However, After a while , I realized that it did not
work for me at all, but I still enjoyed the sweating and detoxing feeling
in the heated room. Due to heat, in hot yoga, normally the masters only
taught the intermediate level or below. 2 years later , I finally got
bored. The turning point was one day that I accidentally intruded an
advance class which I thought it was intermediate. I was shocked in the
class, not just because there were so many difficult poses but also I found
a lot of aged people could do some poses beyond my imagination. At that
point, I told myself , you could make yourself better.
I love the journey to master the yoga is because it’s very slow, it’s
gentle and it’s visible. Day by day, I saw the transition of body. It
because stronger, it become more flexible. I saw myself understand my body
more, analyze her structure , accept her weakness and discover her
strength. I saw the improvement came as surprise, I finally reached the
pose one by one beyond my belief. I saw how the efforts become effortless.
I saw my point of weightless.
This is very powerful energy which slowly and gently penetrates my brain,
my thought, my mind and my heart. This journey coincidently started at a
time when I fell down to a low point in my life. I saw how she was
companying me throughout my raising up.
The physical improvement and the achievement of the Asana (pose) told
myself , believe in myself, trust myself, facing the challenge with less
fears. The process of understanding my body is synchronizing with the
process of understanding my inner desire, urging myself restless to seek
for my passion, my talent, while accept my flaws without forget to improve
it. The point when effort became effortless, the point I mastered a yoga,
the experience and the happiness stimulates the outflow of sharing. I pay
more attention to my surroundings, I care and understand more my friends,
my family, my love. I work harder to make myself more capable and
compatible so I could take better care of them. The weightless point
cleaned the chaos buzzing round my ears : find the balance of my life , my
responsibility and my desire, the reality and my passion, my limitation and
my talent.
And, what is more interesting is this is not the end , the increased inner
power generously returns the body , makes it more confident and beautiful.
Thus, the two entities fall in love with each other and form an energy
circle to inspire each other, nurse my soul, bring a better me.
It was , it is and it will be.
Author: Maggie

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