loving my new body part 2

3rd week of the course is coming to an end tomorrow. How time flies.  Its a surprised to me how i manage to survive past my 2nd week threshold.

I have a bad history or rather bad habit of falling sick after rigorous exercise regime. Many a time i will jog, cycle, swim and do strength training 4-5 days a week and for some reasons once hit the 2nd week i will fall sick from over exhaustion. Naturally i’ll have to rest and recuperate. After which, i will pick up my crazy exercise regime hoping not to fall sick but again the vicious cycle repeats. 

It keeps me thinking:  This course is even more hard core than my previous workout and why am i not only survived past 3rd week (touch wood) but i feel more energetic than before. What did i do differently this time?

I believe i found the answers:

1) Discipline and routine: Paalu mentioned about being disciplined. Waking up same time everyday (very early) and practice pranayama and asana. Once a routine is created, your body will get adjusted to it. Looking back what i did previously is not a routine. Its just some ad hoc workouts without a fixed timing and zero discipline. 

2) Pranayama:   I never thought breathing can do wonders to your body. 

This course has definitely given me a deeper understanding mentally and most noticeably physically of yoga beyond just the asanas.




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