Love yoga? Make it part of my daily life

Yoga is a small thing in my life. However, if you ask me whether I can stop yoga in the daily life. I will say: No.

Keep on yoga practice, my body become more healthy, I don’t feel back pain very frequently.

After I spend 1 hour doing yoga everyday, sometimes just 30 minuets,  I feel l am full of energy in the daytime, I can do my work more efficiently. It’s more useful than coffee.

I practice yoga day by day, and I don’t care about which postures I can do, and which posture I can not do. Two months later, six months later, more time passing, just keep doing,  I believe time will surprise me.

After concentrating on yoga, it bring me happiness and peaceful.

Yoga is a small thing, but it’s part of my daily life now and in the future.