A Love Letter to Yoga

Dear Yoga
You have this ability to make people fall in love with you instantly, however there are some that will never understand you. When we begun our relationship, it was smooth and effortless, it seemed as though we were meant to be. I mean obviously this relationship was going to be simple, being that I was a former gymnast. Im flexible and yoga is all about flexibility. How could I have been so mistaken, you are so much more than just a few backbends. As our relationship progressed and I decided that we should move things to the “next level”, I thought I would solidify this relationship by enrolling in 200 RYT, sadly, our relationship begun to fall apart. Our poses together were not as fluid as I thought, nor was the alignment and don’t even get me started on the chaturanga. Oh Yoga, how you’ve deceived me or perhaps how did I deceive myself into believing it was a perfect relationship.
So where do we go from here??? Well, its been three and half weeks into this “next level relationship” and you know what, I am not giving up on you. I see your potential in my life and I think you see my potential in yours. Like any relationship, we need time to truly get to know one another. Can you not see how much you mean to me, have you seen my uttitha hasta padangusthastana, my bastrika, or my settled face and non-twitching eyes in meditation? I’ve worked so hard to open myself to you. Let us see how the next three weeks go and we can decide where to take this love affair.
Love Always Crystal

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