Love Hate Relationship With Adho Mukha Swanasana

Adho Mukha Swanasana, also known as Downward Facing Dog, is one of the basic asanas that resembles a dog stretching its spine and legs.
Looking back when I started my first few yoga classes, to hold Downward Facing Dog pose for three breaths was already a real struggle to me. As much as I tried to follow instructions, my body just wouldn’t corporate. My heels were unable to touch the floor; my shoulders and arms were trembling hard at third breath and my sweat ran down like raindrops. I envied those people whose heels are able to touch their mat. To my huge dislike, Downward Facing Dog is also a resting pose that could be incorporate after series of asanas. That frustated me even more, while trying to hold on the pose, my breaths got faster and shorter. Eventually, I got tired easily.
“Slowly, one deep breath in, and one deep breath out” I repeat to myself.
I gradually learned to focus on and control my own breaths. Rather than focusing on outcome, I learn to enjoy the process while believing it is just a matter of time with constant practice.
 IMG_3576 copy
Downward Facing Dog is no longer as frustating as it used to be anymore. When it does or any other asanas do, repeat “Slowly, one deep breath in, and one deep breath out”.
Juliati Surya (200 hr YTT Weekend Class Aug ‘15)

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