Looking at food in a different light

looking at food in a different light

Just like many other Singaporeans, i love food. A big part of me is enjoying the food that I like and frequently sitting down with my family or my girlfriends, chomping down the food and drinks we hunted down that were highly recommended by the latest influencer. Whenever I chanced upon reviews or recommendations of new cafes or good food, you will find me there. Hence as a lover of food , I ate and constantly overate mindlessly.

Now as I go through the learning of theory in yoga, it has come to realization how I have been eating terribly and treating my body over the past years. I overate often causing my physical body to always feel sluggish and exhausted. My food choices were not ideal. There are also few moments where I felt I had mental altertness. Overall, I felt lousy. Physically and mentally. Although this is likely caused by a multitude of factors, I have learnt and realized now that one of these contributing factors is likely to be my diet and lack of knowledge as to what I have been feeding myself and my lack of control.

After learning the theoretical section of yoga, I am now more aware of the things I eat. I realise My diet has always been made up of largely Tamasic food.

People have always said ;  you are what you eat. I realize I only understood this on a very superficial level. I have deeply realized the great extent to which this statement is true now.

It awes me to learn that our food can be categorized into 3 big categories namely Sattvic, Rajasic and tamasic food. Each of them are different types of food that impacts our body and activity level in different ways.

Sattvic food refers to the purest of foods that makes up a critical part of the yoga diet. These types of food increase life, purity, strength, health and joy within us. They help our minds be calm and pure as well. Examples of them which we often see in our daily life are corn, oats, barley, milk and nuts.

Rajasic food refers to food types that drive our senses and are generally bitter , excessively hot, saline or pungent. Rajasic foods have tendencies to overstimulate the body and mind. Examples of such food are onions, garlic, coffee, soft drinks and pungent spices. These foods over stimulate the Mind and as a result increase lust, anger, greed and disrupts our mind body balance essential to happiness.

Tamasic food refers to food which is stale, rotten and impure in nature. Such foods affect us as it makes us feel inertia and lazy physically. Examples of such foods are meat, including fish, alcohol, and even overripe or in ripe fruits.

This is an interesting and intriguing topic for me learning how food can be categorised this way. I have always been eating whatever I wanted or whatever I craved at that moment which has mostly been tamasic in nature. But now I learned to see food differently. In terms of which category they can fall into and also how i can use diet to improve my life and suit my activity level at the same time.

Although rajasic and tamasic food might seem to be food types that we would generally feel are less ideal, I have also learnt that it doesn’t mean that we avoid them completely and go to the other extreme spectrum.  At the end of the day, balance also matters and how we use these types of food to our favour also matters. For example, when going into yoga practise, it’s Best to have sattvic food. When I need to carry out my work and teach my students, it’s good to have rajasic food for stimulation to be more able to communicate my knowledge. At night when it’s time to wind down, it’s alright to have tamasic food because it makes our body in line with the sleep we are going to go into next.

As such, when it comes to food and eating, I have gained a brand new perspective. I am very happy to have gained this knowledge and I intend to apply this knowledge, choose my food types wisely and eat mindfully, with hope to improve my life physically and mentally together with my yoga practice.