Living without or manageable pain?

Yoga has many benefits to health, which we only find out when we stick to a program and give some time for our body to adjust to it.
The beginning can be challenging because our bodies are not used to stretching in so many different ways.
When I decided to join a yoga school, I wanted to help myself with my back pains and live a healthy life to raise my 2-year-old daughter, and also to engage in a sustainable physical activity I would carry on in the years to come. I also wanted to have something that involved not only my body, but also my spiritual self, thus finding a good balance to keep me healthy.
For the next five weeks, I will keep a journal to help me follow up my improvements and pain management throughout the initial phase.
So far my experience with Yoga has been great, yet not painless. However, my body seems to respond very well to the asanas.
At this stage of practice, Yoga has shown to be a very physical practice that demands a lot from my body, but after I achieve a challenging pose, at my own pace and limitations, I have a great feeling of happiness. I am sure that these feelings bring great benefits to my body, mind and spirit as these three are all connected.
I have been practicing yoga for the past 2 months, being my second week at Tyrisula 200 hr YTTC.
My goal is to study long enough to become a Yoga Therapy Teacher so I can help others achieve a life without Pain, or maybe a life with ‘manageable pain,’ as Master Paalu mentioned on his lecture last week.
Other medically proven benefits of yoga, written by Leslie Barker from a newspaper in Dallas include:
Yoga helps ease stress. Research from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center showed, among other benefits, yoga’s ability to regulate the stress hormone cortisol.
Yoga helps cancer patients sleep better. A study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology reported improved sleep quality in cancer survivors and, thus, fewer sleep medications needed.
Yoga can help improve quality of life. On its website, the Stanford Cancer Center reports that yoga “as a complementary therapy” has also been shown to relieve various symptoms associated with cancer.
“Yoga is all about mind, spirit and body. When you’re going through chemo, it’s such a traumatic time. Your body changes. You lose your hair. What yoga does is bring me to a place of peacefulness a person going through that needs.”
The above article only confirms some of many others benefits that Yoga can bring to our lives. Let’s keep practicing and embrace this new life style of Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation and proper diet.
Mitania 200hr Nov 2013

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