living as a “true me”

Maggie , 200HR YTT SEP 15
Satya is the Sanskrit of truth ; no telling of lies , living the truth
I believe the first step for the satya is being truthful to myself. Being truthful to myself , accept what I am, my weakness, and my mistakes. Accept the weakness and mistake is not a behavior of coward , just the other way , it’s the confidence about oneself. Only those who approve themselves are not afraid to present a ‘true me’ in the public. And only those who are truthful to themselves are able to firmly establish in truthfulness. A person who truly faces herself will deliver the genuine and pleasant image to others and build up the strong trust with the others.
I found when I am be truthful to myself and firmly establish in truthfulness, I feel I have less burden on my shoulders, I feel I gain more trust, and respect. Feeling less burden is because when I am lying, I am or will be haunted by the weight of guilty or the fear that someone will uncover my lie. Being truthful will build up your reputation, and the trust. People are willing to believe in you , listen to you. Therefore, I actually get more attention and caring. A truthful person is worthy to be respect. And the most important is the more respect from oneself. By telling no lies and face to “true me”, I understand my weakness, accept my mistake and start to improve myself from my weakness and mistake. And in the end , living as a “true me’  turns me out to be a better person .

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