"Listen to your body." This sentence has an in depth meaning.

I’ve always been a physically active person. Netball, running, cycling, swimming, dragon-boating.. you name it, I would like to think I’ve done it all. I did all these sports with great enthusiasm and focus. I remembered pushing myself to my utmost limits and at times hurting my body without caring. I allowed myself to think that the harder I push, the better I would be. Well, that might be true. But that alone without paying attention to the cries of your body could actually do more than damage than we think. I never did stretching thinking it was all unnecessary. There I was thinking having to do vigorous sports alone would keep me fit. I simply do not pay attention to my temple, my body.
Starting yoga gave it a whole lot of different meaning. I started my first practice 4 months ago and it is only now do I learn to embrace my body. It is the only exercise that respects the sounds of every cells, muscles and bones of me. It is the only exercise that makes me smile and cry.
My initial decision to do my YTT was the calmness I got out of it and I wanted to know more. I didn’t realize the ‘more’ would give me a whole lot of different perspective to being alive. Truly, this sentence – “Listen to your body” has a complete new meaning for me. Yoga itself gave me a new meaning. It has definitely been my new tool of hope. Thank you for this.
Farah.D Kusairi

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