Life Style & Yoga —-How I encounter Yoga

Like many others, has many various reasons to  join Yoga this journey, I’m also one of them.

Throw back 9  months ago, I  was just an employee in a big company in Shanghai, life was just too “comfortable” back then, I was also experiencing a huge down time in my life. I got stuck at the fork in my life road. So I wanted to change, a big change for my life.

Luckily, there is a yoga studio in the same building of our company. I signed up without any hesitation and started this magical journey ever since. 


I still remembered how I felt after the first yoga class, sweaty yet felt relaxed and relived. I think what drew me into Yoga is actually one of the 8 limbs of Yoga — DHARANA (Mind Fit for Concentration). Because I truly felt the power of concentration, no matter how upset, stressed and depressed I was before the class, after the 60 minutes class — the dynamic flows, the static Yin stretch, the classic Hatha, all those negative feels were gone. I was fully concentrated during the classes, I was so enjoyed every movements of what teachers taught me. I was learning fast, not only Asanas, but also mentally transformed.

Slowly, I  felt Yoga is more than a so called EXERCISE, but really can change someone, it’s a life transform for someone who’s really understand Yoga. The feelings of clam and peaceful brought from Yoga is unlike any other sports or exercises.  

Yoga is not a religion, but is more than a religion! I feel none of other religions can unit BODY, MIND and SOUL all in one.  I remembered once I asked one of my yoga teacher back in Shanghai, how soon can I be like her if I keep practicing, the answer I got is really enlightening, she said:  Yoga is a life time practice!


There after, I integrate Yoga into my daily life, even after I moved to Singapore 2 months ago, I was trying to find myself a right Yoga studio to continue practicing. As time goes by, I more and more found Yoga has become a part of my life, I wanted more, I wanted not just better practice my Asanas, but I wanted to understand more and deepen my practice and knowledge of Yoga.


Voila! Here I am in Tirisula joining the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Program. I believe what I’ve learnt is still a tip of the iceberg in Yoga world, but I’m willing to dedicate myself to Yoga. Yoga has helped me in many ways, it helped me to walk out of the lowest valley of my life, therefore, I want to use Yoga to help others by being a Yoga teacher first.


Yoga is not an exercise, Yoga is more than a religion, Yoga is a life style!


Maylis Cao ( July 2017 batch, 200hr YTT )



























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