Life Purpose – Do Yoga

When something breaks you, there’re two choices. 

You get destroyed or you become something new.

My transformation has been a 10-year journey and Yoga only happened this year. I was never someone who believed in something unless it made logical sense or if there’s a science behind it. Spiritual experiences helped me get through some hard times. No, it was nothing out of a magical movie, just things that I began to realise for myself through just listening to my internal voice. Something which I’ve grown up with but never paid much attention to till I realised it was a guide. Also by being more aware of life experiences, I realise it was leading me somewhere. 

There isn’t good or bad. Everything happened for a reason and has brought me to where I am today.

In March this year I had the sudden thought to fly to Ubud, Bali and spend the weekend there trying out Yoga. I never wanted to come back, but had to.

Then the nagging voice began bugging me to sign up for some outdoor yoga classes and then I came across this Yoga TTC. I didn’t even think twice if my body at this age could do this, I signed up. I’m glad I did it with Tirisula too because of the entire experience which I’m sure I may not have got elsewhere. It wasn’t just the exercise-asanas, it was more than that. Everything jus resonated with me.

Jus a few weeks before the course started, I got another sign to do yoga and I guess it was confirming I had made the right decision.

I’m not sure if I am going to teach but I know that whatever I have learnt is going to help me and hopefully I would be able to pass on my knowledge and guidance to help someone else someday – when I’m ready.