Life energy: Pranayama

Breath in, breathe out… Inhale and exhale… I didn’t know these words would cause a big change in my life. Prana is breath. Pranayama means extension of breath, extension of life force. Isn’t it ironic that how we ignore the quality of our breath in daily life? We almost never think about it as it is just happening without doing something. We also never think of improving our life quality through breath. In daily rush we don’t get enough oxygen into our body causing that stress and anxiety. We don’t know how easy to start overcoming these modern life issues.
My breath awareness improved amazingly as I practice different techniques everyday. With these techniques my character has been transforming as well. Whenever I feel anxious or stressed I try to practice “Ujjayi Breathing” first. I really do that. With doing this I realize that I am much calmer, more patience, and more easy-going. I have figured out how I am taking the things easy so far. I like this feeling, getting more oxygen for my body and for my organs. I feel how this oxygen spreads inside my body, all the way up to my brain.
With practicing “Kapalabhati Pranayama” every morning, I get a chance to start a day with a strong and clear mind. I feel this powerful life energy diffusing all over to my body. With passive inhalation and forceful/active exhalation Kapalabhati is very refreshing, activating, and energizing. It is absolutely preparing for the day. Releasing all the tensions, stress and toxins from your body as well as from your mind.
Anuloma – Viloma Pranayama is very unique in the sense of getting in full oxygen on one side and getting out full oxygen on the other side. Oxygen spreads into the left and after that right side of the brain through the nostrils. It is also very calming technique that makes my mind clear as I practice in the mornings after Kapalabhati. It feels like having a fresh body and mind for the rest of the day. One more thing I notice is I feel much happier with these practices. Is that’s because my body is happy? J
The hardest pranayama practice for me was “Bhastrika Pranayama”. It is very strong with active inhaling and active exhaling, even stronger than Kapalabhati. I need more time to improve my technique. In Bhastrika, the ribcage is supposed to move sideways as it is supposed to enlarge your intake of oxygen. It is forceful that makes you more energetic both physically and mentally. It is used for clarifying the mind with helping see things clearer.
Lastly, I love “Bhramari Pranayama”. It makes me very calm and relaxed. I love the internal humming bee sound. It increases my focus and awareness on my breathing. I notice that I live at the present with this technique. I find it very meditative with the calm state of mind. I usually practice before meditation that makes me transit to another state of mind.

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