letting go

If you ask me what yoga practice has taught me, I would tell you that it has taught me to let go. We hold so much fear of the unknown and emotions in our bodies that we often forget that practicing yoga is about releasing all that negativity. It is about unveiling all the fears that we have buried deep inside.
How many of us often think the same thoughts repeatedly, hardly ever creating new trails of belief and chances of miracles? I am quite guilty of that. Sometimes we might just get stuck, afraid to let go of our ‘normal’ thoughts because we fear the unknown, the change. We are afraid to get out of our comfort zones. Of course I am going to tell you it is not going to be easy, and it takes a little courage and truck-loads of confidence. But it is going to be worth it, and once you ‘surrender’, you will soon realize you can achieve so much more.
Because of my relatively weak back, I took up lessons to strengthen it. I used to fear asanas (I still do, for some!) that require me to bend my back to an angle I do not feel ‘comfortable’ with. The fear could be so intense that even the simple wheel pose would give me the jitters. However, after months of classes and practices I realized that if I do not overcome that fear, it will have power over me and will soon become an obstacle and limitation to my practices.
To be able to conquer your fear, first you must allow yourself to acknowledge it. It is only then that you learn to let go of it. Allow yourself to feel the fear that is presenting itself. Personally, I like to visualize myself overcoming it before I actually tackle it. Take for instance, inversions. I like to prepare my mind by ‘tricking’ it, playing images of myself doing it effortlessly before I take the plunge and attempt it. Of course, not everyone will go through the same journey; you have to discover which highway gets you to your destination 🙂
When we begin to let go, it is almost as if everything starts to change? All our perceptions and beliefs that we used to define ourselves by (thoughts like: my arms are too weak I can never do a handstand!), will start to slowly begin to dissolve until they are no longer there. Our expectations also fade and our awareness expands. We will start to realize that every individual is unique and special; some of us just need to cross more roads to get there. Then, we are able to take responsibility for ourselves and begin to live more deeply from our own truth.
Let go of that anger. Let go of that hatred for somebody. Let go of that jealousy that is making you feel lousy. Free yourself. Let us all let go, surrender on the mat, and surrender to the present moment. Let go, of whatever that is holding you back.