Let Food Be Your Medicine

To gain the most out of Yoga,certain awareness must also be placed on what we put into our bodies.Fortunately,through the right dietary choices,we can begin to provide our bodies with the nutrients it requires for better health and longevity.This will also benefit our bodies and mind to become more balanced,throughout your Yoga practice.
Traditional medicine is based on the premise that there is a self regulating,self healing power within each person,and when the correct nutrients and conditions are provided,the human body is able to heal itself.
A healthy diet is one which is enjoyable and nutritious.The primary reason for eating food is to nourish the body and produce life energy(chi).It is abundant in natural and unprocessed foods.It is especially high in plant foods,such as fruits,vegetables,grains,beans,seeds and nuts.


Plants absorb minerals from the soil and water.Through the action of photosynthesis they manufacture vitamins,fatty acids,carbohydrates and proteins.Unfortunately,at times,even if we are complying with a healthy diet,our body is not getting its nutritional requirements met.This may be attributed to poor digestion and assimilation,mineral deficient soils,monocrop farming,use of insecticides and herbicides,air and water pollution.The way the food is transported,stored and processed also diminishes its nutrient value,especially its vitamin content.

To ensure your body is receiving optimum health and nutritional requirements,superfoods-high in in natural vitamins ,minerals,essential fatty acids,proteins,enzymes and antioxidants-should be considered.


  • Spirulina,Wheat Grass,Green Barley Powder:Contain 98 out of 100 earth elements.Rich in chlorophyll,which bears a close resemblance with haemoglobin.
  • Vegetable juice:Carrot,beetroot,celery and ginger.A wonderful elixir to cleanse the body.Contains a wide spectrum of vitamins,enzymes and alkalizing minerals.
  • Fatty Acids:Equal portions of olive and linseed with a small portion of wheat germ oil.Gives the body its requirements of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids.
  • Seaweeds/Kelp powder:One of the most nutritious foods on the earth.High in minerals,especially trace minerals,vitamin B12.
  • Pollen Granules:A rich natural source of amino acids.Recognized as a complete food.
  • Royal Maca: A natural phytoestrogen.Rich in minerals and trace minerals.
  • Rosehip Powder:High in natural Vitamin C and minerals.

So,Enjoy Your Food But I Hope You Are Going To Enjoy It More Because You Know What You Are Eating Is Good For You!
200hr YTTC Weekday/2013

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