Lesson Planning Day 12

Lesson Planning Day 12

After many days of rigorous training and countless rounds of Surya Namaskar later, it is time for us to get down to lesson planning. We were all given a task to complete 3 lesson plans over the next few days. This includes the Beginner, Intermediate and Theme class.

Prior to the lesson, note down any medical issues/pregnancy/reccent surgery:

  1. Introduction – Introduce yourself, theme of class

  2. Centering – Seat cross leged, deep breathing and relax

  3. Joint Movement – warm up

  4. Surya Namaskar – Option to use 1 lesson to breakdwon the sequence esp if it’s all beginners

  5. Asana – Standing/Seated/Prone/Supine

  6. Savasana – Guided relaxation

  7. Gratitude/OM

We were taught the DICA method – Demonstrate, Instruct, Count and Adjust (verbal or actual). It’s also important to let students know that you are not mirroring them and in poses where they can’t see you, you can demonstrate first and then get them to repeat. We then gather in groups of 3 to further discuss the materials that should go into a theme class, the types of options/variations that should be given to the beginners or advanced learners. There’s quite a fair amount of planning that goes into each lesson and it just makes me look back and appreciate all my past lessons so much more.


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